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I am a Graphic Designer by trade, and a creative person by life! I love all forms of creativity and dabble in most. You will see hints of my love of drawing and painting in some of my work. I also love crafts, people, cultures, quotes, new adventures and reading a good book! 

Industries of Experience


Civil Services

Education, Higher Ed

Education, K–12

Real Estate, Commercial

Real Estate, Residential

Non-Profit + Fundraising



What am I up to?

I have gotten really into making personal zines on transparency paper. I love seeing through the layers. Honestly, it's just a easy way to relax by doodling and scribbling my thoughts. My zine is called "No Eraser: And That's Ok." It's good reminder it's ok to mess up, with no eraser (or control+z), a person's gotta make art out of mistakes. 

Top three life experiences so far

  1. Flying a plane​ over the Chesapeake

  2. Studying Renaissance Art in Italy

  3. Acting in and co-producing a weekly comedy TV Show

reach out


​My e-mail is

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