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I am a Graphic Designer by trade, and a creative person by life! I love all forms of creativity and dabble in most. You will see hints of my love of drawing and painting in some of my work. I also love crafts, people, cultures, quotes, new adventures and reading a good book! 

I am available for freelance and part time work. I specialize in print and identity design, but have experience in many forms of electronic communication design as well as web design. As your designer, it is my job to help bring your vision to life. Doing that takes good communication, proper planning, and an open mind. I have a lot of experience working in advertising and marketing environments, and in brand development and implementation. I am quite capable of working alone, but thoroughly enjoy being part of a team.

The design process

Graphic Design is a very broad field. It covers everything from identity (logo and branding) design to book covers and wedding invitations. The design process starts with a communication need, and is resolved with a finished product that meets those needs. Each designer is different, but my process includes sketches, communication, and the development of clear goals. For more information on my process, please contact me.​


Top three life experiences so far

1. Flying a plane​ over the Chesapeake

2. Studying Renaissance Art in Italy

3. Acting in and co-producing a weekly comedy TV Show

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