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Teatro Gorille


Teatro Gorille is a guerilla-style, pop-up theater company committed to blurring the lines between life, art and drama. The goal: to be mysterious but draw attention to the next performance.

The identity is about feeling slightly off-balance, representing that moment when you find yourself suddenly in the middle of something. The story is told through a funky 70's color scheme, Art Nouveau-esque icons, some 20's vibes and a splash of grunge. Yes, it is eclectic! Most fun of all is Nick, our one-eyed gorilla with a bowler hat, and the accompanying giant eye.

The tagline "are you looking?" is a question to beget other questions. Do you see what is going on around you? Are you eavesdropping? Or is it ok to become part of this?

The unique brand package includes the logo mark, a collection of custom iconography, brand patterns, a unique color ecosystem, souvenirs, a social campaign; etc.

Art Director


TG tote on street_v1.png
TG postcard mockup_v1.png

© Nicole Turley


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