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Dream Sports Africa

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Dream Sports Africa (DSA) is a non-profit based in Nigeria, Liberia and Ghana. The aim of DSA is to empower youth through the discipline and community of sports. Short-term goals were as simple as acquiring sporting equipment and raising funds. Long-term goals include building community centers that channel sports expertise into employable skills. Furthermore, providing channels for mental health development through yoga and healthy eating. The Founder / CEO was born and raised in Nigeria, and saw the impact sports had in his life. Now he brings that empowerment and focus to other children.


Deliverables included the brand development, a website, tees, yoga mat designs, brand guidelines and other materials.

While the CEO needed materials for fundraising, the kids wanted to have fun in fun gear. We addressed these different needs in the brand's development. Across the board, DSA is about movement! From the beginning this was the key focus in the story. The hand lettered logo is a ball in motion. We leveraged bright colors, friendly fonts and rounded edges to create a vibe the whole team could rally around.. 

Creative Director

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