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(pronounced earth)


IRTH is a "Life | Home | Studio" firm that integrates thoughtful design with attainability; bringing dream homes to their clients along with beautiful decor and curated products to support a well-lived life. They ask, "what is a successful life?" The answer: time, experiences and homeownership. But, buying a large home is expensive and time-consuming, causing families to miss out on having more experiences.

From the moment a person interacts with IRTH, it doesn't feel like real estate. IRTH finds smaller but charming houses then renovates thoughtfully, acting as stewards to the homes until they find a new owner. Additionally, they guide potential buyers through every step of the home buying process. Their art and merchandise support the lifestyle that the owners celebrate. IRTH creates a straight forward, but lovely experience, for potential buyers and retail customers.


The visual story reflects the deep personal views of the wife and husband business owners. They live the lifestyle they propose for others - this ethos is genuine. The brand illustrates that smaller homes renovated with love are luxurious, and that this smaller financial commitment is the key to having the time and money for all those well-deserved experiences. 


An airy dreamy, but clean visual story was created to reflect the modern home buyer who loves charm and history. The photography features clean lines, textured materials, and cozy spaces with a splash of gold door knobs. The color story is soft, strong and a nod to the traditional. 

The hand drawn fox comes from a personal story of the clients'. When they were deciding wether or not to take the plunge into this business, a fox appeared in their backyard and locked eyes with them. They took it as a positive omen and jumped all in! The fox is for stand alone use but also as a pattern for materials and even wallpaper.


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